Saturday, February 24, 2007


Well, I've finally gone and done it! I have a public blog, lol. We'll see how long it lasts........

What will you find here?
Updates about new kits for my store at (SDK), updates on challenges and activities at the forums at SDK, updates on challenges and activities at (RAKS), updates on some of my favorite blogs to visit and my favorite designers. I will also be hosting layouts made by my Creative Team here.

Occasionally, I will link you to Photoshop tutorials I find useful, both general and scrap-specific.

What you will not find is a bunch of chatter for no particular reason, lol. I am a quiet, solitary person, and when I have something to say I will speak up. Most of the time you won't find that here - that's what my private blog is for :).

While I won't promise daily updates, there will be weekly updates on the goings on in my online life.

I hope my readers will enjoy their visits to my blog!


Gwenevere Dupus February 24, 2007  

Woohoo!! Congrats Kim, the new blog looks great!!

Donna February 24, 2007  

Mooo Whooo - congratulations on your blog. It looks great. I'm looking forward to being a regular visitor :)

Rona February 25, 2007  

Yay Kim! Congrats on the blog!!!! I've bookmarked you :)

OrianaVianey February 25, 2007  

Congrats Kim!!!
I'll be a regular visitor too...

xashee's corner February 26, 2007  

Congrats on your blog!! its loooking good here, nice and comfy ;)

sandra February 26, 2007  

looking good kiddo
congrats on setting up you blog
got you bookmarked

freemo March 25, 2007  

Hi Kim! Congratulations on your new blog! It looks wonderful! Connie