Friday, May 18, 2007

A blogging fool...........

3 posts in 24 hours qualifies, no? LOL I thought you'd like to see what the quickpages for my Snappy Scrap Calla Lily kit look like:

First up showcases a photo of me from years gone by:
This is a photo of my Mom from 1960, I just love how glam she looks here:

Keep in mind the photo's don't come with the qps, lol. But you get the pages complete with the hole for your own photo, just slide it on the layer beneath the qp.

Snappy Scraps are designed to jumpstart your creativity with the included qps/templates, and include enough elements for you to create your own layouts.

As I said in the prior post, each Snappy Scrap will be similar in composition, with 2 versions of the patterned floral paper and a selection of coordinating solids, and either 2 qps or page templates. The elements will consist of the basics: staple, brad/eyelet, tag or journalcard, along with frames and/or photocorner or prong. But there will be some items unique to each Snappy Scrap from decorated polaroids to fancy flowers to jewels and other embellishments.

My Mom saw her layout this morning and fell totally in love with the Calla Lily Snappy Scrap. Of course, she's very partial to flowers so she told me to make more of these type of kits. Sure Mom, I'll knock them right out! Not! I plan for the next few months to release 1 Snappy Scrap a month, or more depending on other kit committments (I have 9 kits in progress from baby to wedding to my foray into heritage). But be assured, this is the first of many Snappy Scraps to come!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!