Monday, June 25, 2007

A lot of new schtuff :)

Warning: Long Post Ahead LOL!
I have uploaded quite a bit to my store at SDK the past few days, a freebie to share from my blog and several freebies to share from the SDK Team Blog. Check out what's new from kimsmith designs:

Lime Daisy is my current Supa Digi Kit freebie for the month of June:
You can find Lime Daisy in my store here where it will remain free until July 1st (a new Supa Digi Kit will be available then). I also have an addon for Lime Daisy:Lime Daisy addon will be available in my store later this week!
If you check out the SDK Team Blog also later this week, there will be 2 Lime Daisy freebies created by me available :). You can check out the previews below:

Summer Brights was my Supa Digi Kit freebie for the month of May:
Although it is no longer a freebie, Summer Brights can be found in my store here. Here are several kits that coordinate with Summer Brights, just uploaded to the store:
Shockwave Paperpack and Elementpack
You can find Shockwave Paperpack here and the Elementpack here.
You want a softer side of the same colors? Introducing Ciara:
You can find Ciara in my store here.

Do you remember Midnight?
Midnight Paperpack is available here and the Elementpack is available here.
I am pleased to introduce to you the Midnight Addon Kit:
You can find the Midnight Addon Kit here later this week!

Well now that you have read this far, I have a gift for you:
You can pick up my Midnight Blog Freebie 2 on Page 3 of my blog! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to read and comment!
Until next time,