Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Releases and Other News

Just the other day, I added 4 new overlay sets to my boutique at SDK:
You can find these, along with my previously released overlays at SDK, along with my other designs. Don't forget, all new releases are 40% off the first week!

In other news:

1 - SDK is celebrating our 2nd Birthday Anniversary all month - stop by our forums and check out our challenges, activities, the free monthly Supa Digi Kit available in the store, and there will also be some random raks available to registered members! Not a member yet? Join our forums and don't forget to check out the Member's Only Forums for some extra goodies!

Also, we will be having a sale in the store 30% off during 9th, 10th and 11th of November. Also if you have subscribed to the Digi Shop Talk newsletter you will find a coupon to take a further 10% off during the sale.

2 - The Treasure Hunt at SDK for November is about to begin....we ran a little late this month while preparing for our month long celebrations. But don't worry, you'll love the Hunt Kit and you'll be provided with catch-up links in the first post.

3 - At SDK I've posted both the new Card Challenge and the first part of my Sketch With a Twist Challenge for November. Kay and I are running the Card Challenge together, and the bonus for it is a collab kit between the 2 of us. You have the entire month to complete any or all our regular challenges in order to qualify for posting bonuses. Check the individual challenges for specifics!

4 - Product Alert - Betsy Tuma of PDW has a new product on offer that will change your life dramatically! I kid you not!! Betsy's husband answered the need we all have to view our Photoshop Presets (shapes, brushes, etc.). The product is called Preset Viewer by TumaSoft and you can check out their online pdf for previews of how the program works. I purchased my copy today and will be installing it later, but I know its cool.

Will post back later what my experience with the product is, but trust me, you'll love it and wonder what you ever did without it. But don't take my word on it - if you are a member of ActionFx Yahoo Group, read the rave reviews other customers have given the program. And when Al Ward returns from his trip, he'll post his review as well.

5 - This weekend marks the beginning of the Christmas Holiday season for me, as far as designing goes, and making my shopping lists as well. I have sketched out 7 kits for the season, along with a calendar kit and hopefully I will have most of them completed by Thanksgiving. Once they are in the store, I'll be able to install my blog store (finally, lol) and will also begin selling designs at SFX (see link on sidebar).

Question: what kind of holiday kits would you like? Leave a comment being specific, i.e. colors, special accents, etc., and perhaps I'll grant your wish *wink*!

6 - Last but not least: Happy Digital Scrapping Day!

Until next time,