Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Site Update for ActionFX

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know about this week's updates over at my buddy Al Ward's ActionFX site...

You say you don't know Al? Are you kidding me? See that graphic over there on the right? Click on it to get to ActionFX, or on the link that's down further on my blog or here.
If you use Photoshop, any version, and you are either an enthusiast, graphics designer, digiscrapper or digidesigner, you know there are a ton of presets that you can use within Photoshop - without having to use a plugin. While there are plenty of sites on the web catering to Photoshop Presets, you can't go wrong with Al's ActionFX Membership and don't forget to check out his very liberal TOU!

Ok so what updates am I talking about? Well Al has been very, very busy this week:

Just to let you know, Al has also started posting to the AFX/SFX Blog - check it out and snag his fan blinkie there too! Check out these updates and remember there are over 106,500 presets at last count at ActionFX!


Anonymous April 23, 2008  

Thanks for the update on ActionFX. You say it works for ALL versions of Photoshop. Does that include PSE6? :)

Kim April 23, 2008  

These particular actions that were just added to the site have been tested in PSCS3 and PSCS2 only.

There are other resources, including actions at ActionFX that may indeed work for PSE6, however, you should check out this site http://www.hiddenelements.com/ for information on using actions in all versions of Elements.

Thanks for the comment and the question!