Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just plugging along in this hot weather...

Its about time for an update to the old blog, huh? LOL I was wondering when I'd get around to doing it, and since I've had a bit of spare time with the SDK site hosts/server problems, I've created a few new items as well as purchased a great new blog kit by Shabby Miss Jen. I'm using the header and the labels from her kit; the blue background was created by me.

I will more than likely use this as my standard blog dress, only changing it out for seasonal holidays. The next one I'll switch to will be a result of my upcoming beach kit, yet to be named. After that will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

How do you like my new design name logo? You can see the "official" silver version in the previews below.

New Creations:
First up is my new Melon Kit, full of shades of yellow, green, and orange. While these are truely citrusy colors, I wanted to do a different sort of kit, something unusual. I hope you like it!

The Mellon Kit components are also being sold as a Paperpak and an Elementpak.

Fresh Paperpak is brand new and has a few really great patterns, 2 of which are border patterns. Crisp blue and a touch of burn goldenrod yellow is what you'll find with this pak!

Summer Porch Redux Kit is a re-vamping of an old SDK prize kit from 2007 - in this case, extra papers not used, and brand new elements created.

Look for these new products in my boutique on June 22nd! Oh yes, there will be a few freebies this week.......check back often!
One last thing: don't forget that the SDK Forums, Galleries and Store are back online - come check us out! See the links in my sidebar.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Anonymous June 22, 2008  

Love the new look. I also downloaded a blog kit from SMJ, but have yet to put it up. Havin some questions on the sidebar ???
Love your new Melon kit. So happy to hear the SDK is back up again. I missed it. :)

Hosanhelwa June 22, 2008  

It all looks awesome!! Love the look of Melon!!

LindaJD June 23, 2008  

Hi Kim, love the new look :)
wow! the new Kits are awesome! I have just got back from Florida and was so happy to get back into SDK! hope all is well with you :)