Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A new look, news and coming soon...

New Look

How do you like the new look at the old homestead? I'm finding it much more pleasing and relaxing (from the setting up standpoint, lol) and am looking forward to changing my header on each page with the coming holidays and seasons.

What I am most excited about are the buttons across the top, under the header. Quick clicks on each title will take you to the corresponding pages, which all have the linkbar in the same place. Nifty, eh? :)

I still have a few tweaks to make......adding back my Photoshop Links list for one, but I am also going to be adding plenty of eye candy on my Gallery page, created by my awesome Creative Team, so you can see my designs in action as well as my CT's artistry.

I hope you'll enjoy my blog for quite some time in the future; grab a drink and a snack and have a look around. Don't forget the freebies!

Coming Soon

As seen in the post below, SDK is celebrating our 3rd birthday next month. We have a ton of activities planned, with wonderful prizes, along with a sale in the store. If you like, feel free to snag a blinkie over on the left and make plans to join us in the forums for all the excitement!

Also coming soon will be my Trick or Treat hunt in the SDK Forums. Check the forums and my announcement here on my blog next week for details! If you are a participant in the monthly SDK Treasure Hunt, you'll be happy to know that the Trick or Treat Hunt will contain treats that coordinate with this month's Treasure Hunt :).

More News
Today I am presenting my latest kit to you with the hopes that you will enjoy scrapping all of the strong, talented, beautiful survivors in your lives.

If you like this kit, spread the word about it to your friends and while you're at it, spread the word to your friends about knowing their bodies and seeking help if they suspect anything is abnormal. Demand mammograms and ultrasounds of the breasts and/or lymph nodes from your doctor, regardless of "at your age you don't need one", or "you've had your yearly mammogram, let's wait until next year". Waiting delays treatment and could prove fatal in some women. Undetected, un-treated, and delayed treatment for breast cancer still has one of the highest mortality rates.

For more information on breast cancer, self-examinations, and cancer research, check out the Susan G. Komen website.

I have additional parts to this kit (all free):

If you'd like the additional parts to my Survivor Kit, check out my Freebie page later tonight, this thread in the SDK forums, and the ActionFx Ezine October 08 issue soon to be available. The Kit itself will be available in my store at SDK later tonight as well.

Thanks for reading. Spread the word. Know your body. Be a Survivor!


Anonymous October 26, 2008  

Love the new look on your blog. Your new kit is beautiful and I will definatly be joining you for SDK's 3rd B-Day! See you there. :)