Friday, October 5, 2007

WOW, I'm honored!

Aaron aka SirScrapALot nominated me for this really coolWhodathunkit? ROFL Thanks so much, Aaron, this means a lot to me! In case you haven't heard of Aaron (are you hiding under a rock?) follow the link above to his blog and leave him lots of love. Also, check out my review of his blog on Page 2 of my blog.

Ok, so I have to nominate 5 peeps I think deserve this award. Here goes:

1 - SammyD, owner of ScrappinDigiKreations, for keeping our Team Blog running smoothly, for keeping our forums, galleries and store running smoothly, and for being the all around great person she is!

2 - Rona, my very first Creative Team member and one of the first friends I made at Raks; a great layout designer and friend extraordinaire! Rona keeps us entertained on her blog with quizzes, just because entries, her fabulous layouts, shopping fixes (rofl, go Rona!), and snippets of the life she leads with her family. Though she is a world away from me, Rona makes me feel like family :).

3 - Ms. Gini, my newest Creative Team member and a great friend/kindred spirit! Gini and Rona really could be sisters - they both entertain us with frequent posts! Gini is starting to design elements and is doing such a great job - be on the lookout for more templates at her blog, too!

4 - Misty Cato - for sharing her love of design with us, as well as snippets from her life! Have you checked out Misty's Tutorials? Click the link on the left side of her blog for the complete listing and don't forget to check out the review I did of her blog on Page 2 of this blog.

5 - This gets shared between TracyB and Khristy Schmidt, neither of whom have time to blog now that their offline lives have become totally busy; and with the countless other designers out there, both commercial and non, who keep expressing their creativity through designing!

I am just too tickled that I received this award. Thanks so much, Aaron!


Misty Cato October 05, 2007  

Thanks for nominating me! I'm honored.