Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SDK Store Update

Hi everyone! Have you survived NSD? I had fun co-hosting the 2 chats at SDK with June and Stella and seeing all of the fun kits and activities to be had on the net all weekend.

I just wanted to post notice here that the SDK Store has moved to a new host and server, but as the old host has not cooperated we designers need to re-upload all of our creations. It will take a few days, but then you'll be able to check out our store once again. Tons of new designs are being added as well, so check back here or in the SDK Forums for the reopening of the store.

Also note that since we were not able to have our NSD sale, once the store is turned on for public view the sales will go on! My sale is 50% off all of my creations and there is a brand spanking new Commercial Use Grab Bag that will be available only during the sale!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!